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Monday, Wednesday and Friday our strawberry arrives directly from the farm, harvested on the same day of delivery.

Harvest of strawberries

Our strawberries arrive at the supermarket on the same day of the harvest, preserving the flavor, frangence and freshness characteristic of organic strawberries.

Harvest from June to December

At Fraise we are harvesting either delicious strawberries or our magnificent organic peppers.

Our products

Albion Organic Strawberry

Its main characteristic is its exceptional quality of fruit, both by size and by its flavor, sweetness, perfume and firmness. Suitable for "in natura" consumption. Very sharp flavor and intense red color, with a white border next to the stem of the fruit. It is a neutral day variety, originating from California and crossing between the Diamond variety and selection.
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San Andreas Organic Strawberry

With excellent fruit quality, very similar to Albion, with great intense and fresh flavor. Suitable for "in natura" consumption, quite resistant. Red fruits, slightly lighter, lighter than Albion, large and long, quite firm and light red pulp. Heart-shaped fruits. Moderate neutral day variety, adapted for Central Coast and Southern California, originating from the University of California, by crossing between Albion and a selection.
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Freeze-dried Strawberry Fraisecroc

Freeze-dried organic strawberry is the dehydrated, dry, crunchy and delicious fruit, which undergoes an industrialization process, maintaining the nutritional characteristics of the fruit in natura.
Freeze dry or freeze dry is the most noble industrialization process for conservation of biological products known, as it involves the two most reliable methods of conservation: freezing and dehydration. It is carried out without preservatives or chemicals. To be lyophilized, the product must be frozen at a very low temperature, usually below -30ºC, and then be subjected to a negative pressure (vacuum), causing the water to be removed by sublimation, that is, pass directly from the state solid to the gaseous state. The end result is a product without changes in size, texture, color, flavor, aroma, vitamin content, minerals, proteins, etc. and, when kept properly, even at room temperature, they remain intact for many years.

Pimenta Organica Dedo de Moça

Organic Pepper Girl Finger

Its main characteristic is its exceptional fruit quality, both in terms of size and flavor. Very sharp flavor and intense, spicy red color, but it also has a mild aroma that gives recipes a unique and special flavor.
Try it, it's delicious!

Geleia Organica

Organic Jelly Strawberry, Pepper, Blackberry and Blueberry

Fraise seeks perfection in each of its recipes, from the selection of the best fruits from the farm, ingredients to their preparation as close to home as possible. Processing the fruit on the same day of harvest allows for a final product where intense fragrance, flavor and color are maintained. And if time, care and authenticity are part of our recipes, emotion is at the heart of them. Because for us it's not just about producing a jelly recipe, but about putting our love and passion into this recipe.

Fraisecroc Morango Liofilizado

our achievements

  • Organic Agriculture Certification by Audit
    July 2018
    TECPAR Certification
    July 2018
    TECPAR Certification, Rua Professor Algacyr Munhoz Mader, 3775 - Cidade Industrial De Curitiba, Curitiba - PR, 81350-010, Brazil
    Organic production is a productive process committed to the organicity and health of the production of live food, to ensure the health of human beings, using technologies appropriate to the reality of the place of production.
  • Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Certification
    July 2016
    Imaflora (Instituto de Manejo e Certific
    July 2016
    Imaflora (Instituto de Manejo e Certific, Estr. Chico Mendes, 185 - Sertãozinho, Piracicaba - SP, 13426-420, Brazil
    The North American Rainforest certification is one of the most prestigious socio-environmental certifications. Among its objectives is to encourage environmental, social and economic improvements on the farm. It recognizes that responsible action contributes to the conservation of natural resources, provides conditions for
  • Agronegocio 2017 Award Winners - Highlight
    September 2017
    Expointer - Esteio - RS
    September 2017
    Expointer - Esteio - RS, State Exhibition Park - Av. Assis Brasil, Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil
    Created in 2013 to recognize and highlight the work dedicated to agribusiness by businessmen from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the Agribusiness Winners Award reaches its 5th edition, encouraging good initiatives and empowering rural entrepreneurs for the growth of the State.
  • New Agro 2018 Award - Entrepreneurship
    October 2018
    esalq, Piracicaba Bus Station - Av. Armando de Salles Oliveira, 2344 - Centro, Piracicaba - SP, 13400-005, Brazil
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